Sunday, May 1, 2011

The Wailing Wall


  1. I thought that May’s Wailing Wall was very significant and very interesting in the book. I went to Israel a couple years ago, and I was surprised at how much the Wailing Wall affected me. This was where the Holy of Holies had been and people treated the spot so reverently. They would walk up to it trembling, lay their hands and foreheads against the cool stone, and weep. They then would find a crevice and tuck their prayers in the wall. And if a prayer happened to fall out, the one chosen to clean the Wailing Wall takes the prayer and buries it somewhere in Israel, because prayers are treasured there.

    For May, the wall this shoulder of strength, a sponge to soak up all the bad in life for her. I loved what Lily had to say about it on page 188. “I felt somebody should personally thank every rock out there for the human misery it had absorbed. We should kiss them one y one and say, We are sorry, but something strong and lasting had to do this for May, and you are the chosen ones. God bless you rock hearts.” I thought this was such a beautiful statement of sacrifice.

  2. May's Wailing Wall was chilling in someways. At first I didn't get why it was in the story. Here, the story was moving along and then May runs outside to this wall, and we come to find out it's a wailing baffled me for awhile. However, Tori I think you are right. It served as a place or strength, perhaps a place of refuge for May. It was just so frustrating to see her sad all the time.